Test Fixtures for Industry
Livermore, CA

High Power Dissipation

  • Built-in cooling fan and heatsink
  • Copper base for rapid heat transfer to heatsink
  • Spring loaded clamps to maintain contact pressure between device and base.
IMFET Test Fixtures

Altair Microwave IMFET test fixtures are available in a variety of sizes with operating frequencies up to 26 GHz. The T-1256 pictured has a built-in heatsink and cooling fan.

IMFET Test Fixture Features

  • Automatic DUT width compensation
  • Grounding right under the DUT leads on the side of the package
  • Clamping force preset to remove operator influence
  • Height adjustment for DUT lead tolerance variations
  • Clamps that do not mark the device
  • Clamps press down close to middle of device to prevent package bowing and give good thermal contact
  • Excellent tuning access
  • Fan cooled heatsink