Test Fixtures for Industry
Livermore, CA

About Us

Altair Microwave has been providing high quality test fixtures to the microwave and RF communities since 1992. Our commitment to quality and service is the foundation of our company. Altair Microwave has a broad knowledge of mechanical engineering and the microwave environment. This expertise has allowed us to produce custom test fixtures with excellent microwave performance coupled with superb mechanical functionality. The following is a brief summary of our operations which have supported this success.

Our commitment to customer service begins at the design stage; when our customers talk, we listen. Our test fixtures are designed with electrical and mechanical performance in mind while we incorporate the specific needs of our customers into each test fixture. At Altair Microwave we pull together the best and proven features from other designs while incorporating the specific customer needs into a customized test fixture.

We excel at creating a marriage between mechanical efficiency and electrical performance. With Altair Microwave’s fixtures you don't have to change your operation to work around the test fixture. Instead, the test fixture conforms to your testing environment, giving you an easy to use, highly accurate fixture for the testing of your devices.

Design, manufacture, assembly and test are all done in-house, allowing us to closely monitor and control the entire production process. We are then able to make additional improvements and incorporate them into the final product, achieving a higher quality test fixture for our customers.