Test Fixtures for Industry
Livermore, CA
Exceptional Tuning Access

A low profile spring-loaded clamping mechanism is employed to hold the outside lip of the DUT (with or without the lid) firmly against the grounding surface. This gives exceptional tuning access right down to the header for lidless packages.
TO8 Test Fixtures

Altair Microwave TO-8 test fixtures are available in a variety of lead configurations and frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. The T-1201 test fixture features three microwave connections with better than 18dB return loss up to 10 GHz.

Low Insertion Force

Microwave connections to the DUT are made via Altair proprietary launches that do not scratch the device leads.


Other features include:

  • An alignment notch built into the fixture to assure proper orientation of the DUT.
  • An ejection lever for fast and easy DUT removal.
  • One-handed operation to unlatch and open the test fixture cover.