Test Fixtures for Industry
Livermore, CA

Fixture Accessories

Flex circuits, Location tools, and DUT Guides allow you to test the DUT of your choice.

Universal BGA Test Fixture

Altair Microwave Universal BGA test fixture can perform Failure Analysis (F/A) and package characterization on a wide variety of BGA devices.

BGA Fixture Features

  • Accepts packages up to 52mm square.
  • X-Y stage positions the fixture for testing anywhere on the device.
  • Spring loaded cover clamps the device to the circuit with consistent pressure.
  • All balls are grounded except for the balls under test.
  • Compliant Flex circuits accommodate the non-planarity of the BGA balls.
  • Flex circuits are available to test ball pitches between 0.5mm and 1.27mm.
  • Four (4) RF connections are provided to allow adjacent ball testing for package characterization. Inline, diagonal, and box patterns are standard on the 1.00mm and 1.27mm circuits.
  • Custom circuits are also available for special testing requirements.